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We are offering range of solar power packs which suits different load usage conditions. The power pack is comprised of solar PV panels, a battery bank and an Inverter / power conditioning unit. The solar modules convert sunlight into energy and supply the dedicated load through inverter. This unit in turn converts DC to pure 230V/415V AC sine wave.

Solar Mini Packs - below 1 kW
Solar Power Packs - above 1kW to 10kW

System Configuration and Function:
The system functions in such a manner - the battery is charged on solar preference and if the solar is not sufficient it will be charged by EB power. When the battery is in fully charged condition and solar power is available – then the load can be connected to solar power. When solar is not available, if the battery is full – the load is connected to EB power if available. When both Solar and EB power is not available – the power is supplied from battery to the load.

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